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Keynote Speaking by Deanne Hupfield

Indigenous Awareness and Cultural Competency


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When you want your audience to gain a new perspective, it's important that these teachings are rooted in lived experience. 

In Deanne's one-hour keynote presentation, she educates and inspires audiences by weaving together her personal narrative and teachings from Indigenous culture. 

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Powwow Dance and Regalia 

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Truth and Reconciliation 

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Traditional Anishinaabe Stories 

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Retelling Canadian History 

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Breaking Free from Generational Trauma

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Decolonizing Your Workplace


"What a powerful way to begin and a powerful way to end. This was such an amazing ceremony in the virtual capacity!" - Institute for Canadian Citizenship


Deanne Hupfield is an Indigenous educator, speaker and Powwow dancer. 

meet deann

Deanne's story is about transformation from trauma to freedom. Her mother was a survivor of The Sixties Scoop, which deepened a cycle of intergenerational trauma that began with colonizers, residential schools and genocide centuries earlier. Despite a childhood spent in foster care and poverty, Deanne's path led her to the healing power of Powwow dance. 

Everything changed for Deanne when she reconnected with the culture and the community that she had been born to. 

Deanne is now a leading authority in Powwow dance, as well as an entrepreneur and educator to audiences across Canada.

Deanne tells her story as powerfully as she has lived it.
Through her inspiring personal narrative, Deanne has helped audiences across Canada build cultural competence.
"Deanne is an incredible artist, educator and storyteller.  For our event, Deanne shared a beautiful personal reflection and engaged a crowd virtually with ease to show us How to Powwow Dance..." -Bdp Quadrangle
Cultural competence is an ability to interact and work effectively with people from other cultures. Listening to other people's stories is an accessible place to start developing your attitudes, knowledge, skills and awareness.
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Why is cultural competency important in the workplace? 

If you’re culturally competent, you’ll be able to start:

 ● Seeing where culture is a barrier on your team

 ● Improving relations between colleagues or between customers and staff 

● Building a workplace environment that can bring out the best in everyone based on your newfound perspective

Cultural Competence helps you build better workplaces with:

● Cultural awareness – knowing the diversity that exists within Indigenous culture in Canada

● Cultural sensitivity – knowing how to engage respectfully with Indigenous culture and Indigenous people 

● Cultural safety – knowing how to allow different cultural perspectives to thrive in a workplace 

Learning cultural competency can be difficult, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Choose Deanne Hupfield to set the right tone at your next event. 
What Makes Deanne Different?

You need a keynote speaker who will leave audiences invigorated and inspired. But as you scroll through your options, you see most speakers look and sound the same… which means your audience will hear the same kind of talk as they did at the last conference (and the one before that). Book Deanne Hupfield to bring the diverse perspective of a female Indigenous entrepreneur, dancer and speaker to your next event, while also enjoying a presentation that is: 


As a dance and regalia teacher for more than 20 years, Deanne is able to personalize her talk to your workplace or event – in content, length and level of interaction. 


Based on her years working with the Toronto District School Board, Deanne has developed ways to make her story engaging for all types of audiences. 


An inspiring story of reconnecting to Indigenous culture, generational trauma and the ongoing effects of colonization. 


“Deanne participated in our workshop with stories that helped improve our members indigenous awareness and cultural competency. Deanne was able to weave her personal experiences into history and reconciliation, highlighting her journey through Powwow Dancing. It was a fantastic way to begin each workshop day. Thank you Deanne."

W. Liko

Horizon Solutions

"She encouraged our network to attend Powwows and provided us with basic steps to feel confident and welcomed in doing so.  Her performance was captivating, lively and educational.  We highly recommend working with Deanne as she was professional, patient in her teaching and extremely organized.  We hope to join Deanne at a traditional Powwow Dance in the future!"

E. Thomas

Bdp Quadrangle

"...We've had Powwow dancers and Hoop dancers before but due to the internet and movements, it usually became blurry.

But your dance, the song, the energy that you carrier brought tears to my eyes and I have no idea why!

Just felt very powerful and beautiful to be welcoming a new group of people through this traditional medium of greeting" -

Staff Member

Institute for Canadian Citizenship

Experienced Indigenous Educator and Keynote Speaker
Deanne Hupfield will inspire your audience to build bridges between the cultures they work with. 
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