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Learn to Powwow Dance and Make Your Own Regalia 

So You Can Reconnect With Your Indigenous Culture and Begin Healing 

Speaker and Educator. Powwow Dance Teacher. Regalia-Making Instructor.

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Our culture was always meant to be handed down to us through the generations – to connect us to the land, each other and ourselves. 

But for many Indigenous people, colonialism has severed our connection to powwow culture. When we experience this disconnect, it can feel like we don't know where we belong.


But your Indigenous culture is your birthright. It is yours to claim and pass on to future generations.

You belong here.

I am looking forward to finishing my daughter's first Regalia! I had basic sewing skills coming into the course and had made a few ribbon dresses with simple straight lines. Deanne's knowledge of garment construction and her teaching technique was easy to follow to coach you through the process. 

- Chad


I'm Deanne Hupfield: speaker, educator and course teacher. After 20 years teaching thousands of students how to make Regalia and dance powwow, I've created a series of online courses for you! I know what it's like to want to learn more and participate in your culture. The problem was I never had anyone to show me – my mom was a survivor of the 60's Scoop. I've been in love with powwow dancing for so long that I went to fashion school so I could learn how to make Regalia myself. 

The first time I danced powwow while wearing my Regalia, it felt like I had finally come home. I'm so excited to teach you how to make your own Regalia so you can experience this too. 


Your Path Home Starts Here: 



To make Regalia and dance powwow



Your body, mind and spirit as you restitch your history



Our sacred knowledge with the next generation


"Recently I’ve been on a personal journey of expressing, developing, and reclaiming my identity by re-learning my culture, language and heritage. Along the way there’s been mistakes made, lessons learned and a new awakening inside me. As a young girl, I danced in my ribbon dress in hopes of one day making a fancy shawl. I grew up and lost that dream, only to realize in these past years how precious those teachings were. Today I’m eager to continue that journey with the Jingle Dress." - Angel- current student

Reject colonialism by participating in your culture.

Don’t allow another generation of Indigenous children to grow up without access to their culture. 

When you dance powwow and make your own Regalia you can:

●Have Regalia that fits your specific measurements and personal style 

● Join many other Indigenous people in this act of resistance to colonialism as we heal ourselves through dance and Regalia-making 

● Decolonize fashion 

● Increase your participation in Indigenous culture

● Experience the healing power of dance 

● Invest and keep money in the Indigenous community 

● See the healing power you have within yourself 

● Pass on cultural stories to your children that our parents weren’t able to give to us 

● Learn new skills to carry with you throughout your life 

● Connect with other Indigenous women 

● Use your new skills to make Regalia for your loved ones 

● Reconnecting to each other and our culture reminds us that we are strong and beautiful

Colonialism has taken so much from us. Let's take back our history. It's time to heal.

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All Videos

All Videos
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How To Powwow Dance FOR KIDS

How To Powwow Dance FOR KIDS

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Footwork for Fancy Shawl and Jingle Dress Dancers

Footwork for Fancy Shawl and Jingle Dress Dancers

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OLD STYLE Jingle Dance Steps

OLD STYLE Jingle Dance Steps

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